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In Israel

Proceed Tech is the leading reseller and Integrator of OutSystems in Israel

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We are a team of OutSystems experts who are passionate about the platform and the applications you can build with it. We help our customers to deploy, develop and create amazing applications using OutSystems in a fraction of the time and budget compared to traditional coding.


Our team consists of certified developers, architects, tech leads and mobile developers on OutSystems.

Our Customers

With OutSystems, You Can Create And Manage Large Application Portfolios That Integrate Existing Systems And Reach Millions Of Users.

Applications are built and changed in a visual environment where you can define your applications’ workflow process for both web and mobile devices, including offline functionality andaccess to device sensors, business logic and data models.

OutSystems Is The #1 Low-Code Platform
For Serious Applications

Integrate With Everything – 400 Low-Code Integrations Ready To Connect

It is easy to integrate our low-code platform with any system such as legacy platforms, large enterprise packages,
public or private web services and enterprise integration platforms.

Accelerated Development Through AI And Automation


Visual, Model-Driven
Approach And Automation

Ready-To-Use Templates
And Patterns

Pre-Built Code Modules

All development is done in a powerful yet easy to learn drag and drop development environment that you can easily extend with your own custom code. The platform offers AI assisted development to speed up app creation. It is like having a smart and friendly expert helping you.

Mobile Made Easy – One Code Base, Multiple Devices And Form-Factors

Easily develop great looking Native mobile experiences with offline data synchronization, native deviceaccess, and on-device business logic.

Mobile Made Easy - Low-Code development for mobile applications

Low-Code Guide

What Is Low-Code Software

Low-Code software approach uses visual drag-and-drop models for creating complex applications. Instead of writing a million lines of code, low-code software provides an easy-to-use, graphical user interface, making app creation and digital transformation easy.

What Is Low-Code Application Development?

Low-Code application development refers to visual instead of textual coding for fast and easy application development.

What Is Low-Code Automation?

Low-Code automation refers to software that makes i easy to create and develop apps with little or no coding. It makes it possible to create a new app in a few hours instead of months, with no repetitive and tedious tasks.

Low-Code Development Benefits

Low-Code technology offers a range of benefits to businesses, including:

  • Faster Time-to-Market
    Low-Code enables organizations to launch applications in a fraction of the time it would take using traditional development methods.
  • Improved User Experience
    Low-code platforms also allow businesses to deliver better user experiences, as they allow for the rapid creation of sophisticated and visually appealing applications.
  • Reduced Costs
    One of the most significant benefits of low-code is that it can help organizations reduce their costs. By streamlining the development process, low-code can help reduce the need for IT staff and minimize the time and resources required to develop and maintain applications.
  • Increased Efficiency
    Low-Code also increases efficiency, as it enables businesses to automate manual processes and streamline their operations.
  • Low-Code Platform Use Cases

Low-Code platform use cases cover various purposes, from building customer and partner apps and portals, delivering internal business applications and process automation to modernizing outdated systems. Find more examples in OutSystems Detailed Low-Code Use Cases Guide With Case Studies.

How To Evaluate Low-Code Platforms?

Evaluating a low-code platform, same as any software development platform, can be a complex process. OutSystems prepared 4-steps guide to evaluating any low-code platform:

  • Focus on the output – what do you need to get. Is the platform suited to your business needs?
  • Look at analyst reports and focus on the better-rated vendors.
  • Read insights and reviews from major software development sites such as G2 Crowd or Gartner Peer.
  • Request demo

If it is possible, focus on high-performance low-code platforms that enable building serious future-proof applications and collaborations between the business and the IT team.

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