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Your Trusted SnapLogic Partner In Israel

Proceed Tech is the leading reseller and
Integrator of SnapLogic in Israel

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The SnapLogic Platform Intelligently integrates, automates, and orchestrates data and applications flow across your organization.

What can you do with SnapLogic

Build RAG models and LLM-powered solutions in minutes with GenAI Builder

GenAI Builder empowers business users to create custom LLM-powered solutions without coding. Whether you need a question-answering chat for employee benefits, a document redlining solution, or a research report analysis engine, GenAI Builder provides the tools and flexibility to build it all.

Mobilize Massive amounts of Data to the Cloud

SnapLogic delivers a versatile and scalable data integration solution that enables you to connect and load data from on-premises-based or cloud-based sources. Use either ETL or ELT data load patterns, and after you’ve enriched your data in a cloud data warehouse, connect to all of your applications with reverse ETL. Eliminate data silos and stop costly and complex integration tool sprawl.

Integrate Data across your Enterprise Applications

SnapLogic is no-code/low-code iPaaS platform that includes hundreds of Snaps (pre-built connectors) to enterprise applications, so you can quickly and easily start building data pipelines to automate business processes. With over 700 Snaps to choose from, it’s easy to create simple workflows or complex business processes between cross-functional work groups.

Design, manage, and secure APIs at scale

SnapLogic API Manager enables you to easily create an API by linking a series of Snaps (pre-built connectors) together. Then, just import this series of connectors into SnapLogic API Manager to manage and secure. With SnapLogic you can create APIs to any system in your organizations including legacy databases and systems that do not have an API.

What are Snaps?

Snaps are pre-built connectors to more than 700 applications, databases and systems that make code-free integrations possible. They dramatically reduces the time and effort to connect data sources, simply by dragging & dropping them into the SnapLogic designer. With the recently announced SnapGPT, the designer can recommend on the next Snap, or completely create the entire pipeline from a prompt.

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